Prima is a line of professional display cases for ice cream, confectionery and chocolate, with continuous channeling available to allow both in-line and stand-alone installation. With large-radius spherical tempered glass and fluorescent shelf lighting, Prima is available in freezer, refrigerated, ambient or heated versions. Ice cream modules have lower storage shelf, where a 5 liter pan can be stored underneath the top display pan.

Features of Prima

The Prima display case with a height of 59.9” (137 cm) has glass which opens upwards by means of hydro-lift pistons and is heated with a demisting system that can be adjusted to ambient humidity. The double-glazed side panel can be lacquered in any color in the RAL range. External and internal structure is in stainless steel with tub retainer cross-strips. Prima features a backup storage 5 liter pan underneath the display level. Magnetic night blinds are standard, with Plexiglas sider doors as options. Custom graphics, colors and front lighting are available upon request.