Gelato & Ice Cream Equipment

The love for Gelato led Iceteam 1927 to create a training facility based on the experience of our professionals: the aim is to prepare future gelato makers.

We believe that sharing culture and skills forms the basis for marketing success. The training method is based on real situations.
Theory unites with practice; students are asked to work in groups so as to face real life situations through specific case studies. Their cultural background is increased with the knowledge that is essential to get to know the world of Gelato. This training method is used in advanced courses to improve the skills of professionals too.

Our teachers have a great academic and practice experience; they carry out research and publish texts that will be studied during the courses.

Soft Serve

K20 Countertop Batch Freezers

Stargel 4 Countertop Batch Freezers

Horizontal Batch Freezers

Compacta 4 Batch Freezers

Compacta Combo Units

Compacta Vario

Vario Pro Multi-Function

Master Chef