Polo, with traditional curved glass designs, now presents the third generation of a supermarket and deli display case famed for its reliability, and now with a new design and a wide range of accessories.

Features of Polo

The third-generation Polo supermarket and deli display case – successful for generations thanks to its reliable design and features – comes with a new design, a wide range of accessories and shelving options to meet all of your needs. Side panels with aluminum insert matching the color of your case front, lift-up, tempered glass fronts (in the VCP versions) for easy cleaning, and corner units with spherical glass fronts for a full visibility are some of the improvements available in the new Polo line. The control panel is electronic with a digital thermostat. Additional options include slicer/scale stand, a fan assisted anti-fog system, ventilation grill, and a special surface for breads. Condensate collection is through a removable tank on the operator side, through drain piping or an optional evaporator pan on the ventilated version.

On the Polo static refrigerated version, condensate is removed through evaporation with an internal compressor or through drain piping with a remote compressor. Under-counter storage cells on all versions are refrigerated by means of cold air down flow and fitted with magnetic doors which open to the operator side. The smooth shapes of the Polo display case are combined with a technology-featuring new design standard that is the leader in its category. Glass fronts may be lifted-up by pistons and under-counter storage cells are refrigerated by means of cold air down flow. The wide display surface permits you to show your products at their best.