Polo Squared

The Polo Squared deli and supermarket counter is innovative in both design and function. Designed for cold cuts, cheese and meat, it has a complete range of straight and corner, heated and ambient and forced-air ventilated or static refrigerated modules. Polo is available with total black or total white finishes, or can be customized to your requirements in a vast range of optional finishes, colors and woods.

Features of Polo Squared

Polo Squared is available in refrigerated models with forced-air ventilated or static refrigeration and with the front glass opening upwards (VDP) or downwards (VDB) for easy cleaning. The display surface consists of panels in AISI 304 stainless steel or sheet metal with food-approved plastic coating in black (or customized color). The back worktop may also be either in AISI 304 stainless steel or black coated sheet metal (or customized color). All straight and corner modules are designed for installation in-line with other Polo Squared units. Front glass defrost is achieved by air flow with an on-off control on the operator side. The structure of Polo Squared consists of aluminum uprights in black, silver and all-white versions. LED lights are standard.

All refrigerated Polo Squared versions have standard under-counter refrigerated compartments with magnetic doors on the operator side. The control panel is complete with programmable digital thermostat, light and fan switches. The counter can be fitted with optional stainless steel paper dispenser which slides side-to-side on runners to allow it to be moved when the refrigerated compartment door is opened.