NEXT Refrigerated Display Case and POS

This month we’re talking about one of our most popular refrigerated display case lines – NEXT. This line is a modular food display case collection for knowing buyers. We know this because we have had several long-time owners choose NEXT for their major remodels. With its jewelry case design, NEXT comes in various heights and climates: fully or partially refrigerated, and ambient. We can design your case to display gelato, popsicles, confections, baked goods, prepared foods, or as a drop in.

All NEXT Display Cases feature:

  • LED lights on each shelf and in the upright side panels. 
  • Double glazed, tempered safety glass. 
  • White lacquered glass as standard, but is customizable on the front and sides using optional covers in any RAL colors. 
  • The front glass panel opens electrically with a push button on the operator side.
  • Back of the case has sliding doors with an automatic spring closing mechanism and a piston for soft-closing. 
  • Remote compressor unit upon request.

NEXT features cases in four different lines with temperature ranges from full or partial refrigeration, or ambient. We also has an entire NEXT line of cafe/bar workstations and furnishings designed to compliment the cases. 

An Artisan’s Friend: NEXT FULL Refrigerated Display Case

NEXT FULL refrigerated display cases for baked products linked to site page.
These NEXT FULL refrigerated display cases are channeled seamlessly together.

NEXT 140 (55” Height); NEXT 120 (47” Height)

This display case features full refrigeration on all levelsNEXT FULL. It is ideal for displaying pastries, prepared foods, and confectionery/chocolates. This case is popular especially with bakeries and cafes because it offers adjustable shelving options. 

The tallest of the line is the NEXT 140 (55” Height) which comes in lengths of either 55” or 41”.  This model of NEXT FULL offers up to three (3) refrigerated shelves, allowing a  continuity that is visually appealing, while allowing you the space to group your products comfortably.  

The NEXT FULL 120 is 47”(H) and comes in lengths of either 55” or 41”.  This model offers up to two (2) refrigerated shelves. 

NEXT Full refrigerated display cases full of baked goods, with link to site page.
NEXT FULL cases channel seamlessly together.
NEXT Full refrigerated case displaying prepared foods and salads. Linked to site page.
NEXT FULL Refrigerated Display Case

Low Case, High Visibility: NEXT MINI Refrigerated Display Case

NEXT MINI refrigerated display case featuring fresh fruit and vegetables, with link to site page.
MINI Refrigerated Display Case

This 3 ft. high jewelry style case – MINI – is available in refrigerated or ambient versions, and is perfect for chocolate, and small assorted pastries. The ventilated refrigerated case is available either flush or lowered, and the upper glass slides open on a ball bearing track.

The top glass is made in a single piece with a minimum curve radius and can be opened downwards for easy cleaning. The case’s height and singular visual focus makes it ideal for showcasing specialty products to clients, while flowing seamlessly into your POS counter.  

Versatility and Range: NEXT TOTAL Refrigerated Display Case

NEXT TOTAL refrigerated display case featuring cakes and assorted confections, with link to site page.

N 140 (55”); N 120 (47”)

For buyers who want temperature control on the base shelf only, we offer the NEXT TOTAL, which can be refrigerated or ambient. The shelves (one or two, depending on the height of the case) are temperature neutral and LED lit, as are the uprights. Cases range from 41” to 85” (L). 

According to need, this model may be supplied with forced air ventilation, with flush or lowered display shelf, with an internal or external condenser unit; ambient, or refrigerated for gelato and sorbet. Total is the Next model available in the widest range of sizes.

Unique Cases for Special Creations: MILLEUSI NEXT

NEXT MILLEUSI cases, linked to site page.

MILLEUSI NEXT is a multipurpose, 47” high case ideal for serving the client while displaying the product. There are numerous drop-in options, ventilated cooling, euronorm or gastronorm, flush or inset trays, static or contact, dry heat, bain-marie or ambient. For convenience, the case closes on mobile, sliding Plexiglas panels which rest on the worktop. 

NEXT Refrigerated Display Cases: Testimonial

Experienced buyers have made NEXT line our most popular refrigerated display case. That’s because its classic design and modern accents make it versatile for displaying various products. But it’s always better to let a satisfied client speak for you. Here is Charles from Lulu’s Bakery talking about his NEXT cases, and his experience buying several NEXT cases from FM Display Concepts.

“FM Display Concepts have been very easy to communicate with, a pleasure to work with, and prompt with any response. The displays themselves are beautiful and work excellent, but what’s more important is having the support and a company that stands behind the product and what they sell.“

Charles T., Lulu’s Bakery
NEXT cases at Lulu’s Bakery, with link to their website.
NEXT Cases at Lulu’s Bakery

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June 2020

Written by Duane Chandler, FMDC Social Media Manager.