Mirage Squared

Mirage Squared supermarket and deli display cases are specifically designed for meat, cold cuts, cheese and prepared foods. Mirage’s versatile design also allows hot foods, bread, confectionery and fresh fish sections to be included in your market display.

Features of Mirage Squared

All standard Mirage Squared supermarket and deli display cases have removable AISI 304 stainless steel display surfaces and valve-controlled forced-air ventilated refrigeration system with air speed adjustment. Although Mirage Squared comes set up for remote compressors, it is available with internal compressors with condensate evaporator pans if your shop requires them. Stainless steel paper dispensers are also standard. The front glass panels open upward with hydro-lift pistons for easy cleaning and have forced-air defrosting system with and on-off control on the operator side.

Mirage Squared Fish is built with a special 316 stainless steel interior, with perforated bottom pans and static refrigeration that allow you to pack the case with ice.

Other options for Mirage Squared include refrigerated drawers or cupboard compartments with static refrigeration. These compartments are temperature-controlled independently from the top display compartment of the case. The rear is enclosed by a standard roller blind or optional sliding Plexiglas doors.

Mirage Squared can also be fitted with and optional AISI 304 stainless steel display surface which tips up by means of hydro-lift pistons. Ideal for butchers’ stores, this innovative feature allows the fans to be top-mounted so that the interior body of your display case can be washed out with water. The refrigeration system is forced-air ventilated with air speed adjustment for both the tip-up or standard display surface.