Magnum presents a line of professional display cabinets for ice cream and gelato, pastry and chocolate products. Designed in two different heights, H137 ( 53.9″) and H120 (47.2″), and styled for the best performance in terms of visibility, use of space and thermodynamics, Magnum combines sleek, elegant lines with top of the line technology. This model is available with single or dual fan-assisted refrigeration for optimal performance in different conditions.

Additional Features of Magnum

Apart from the standard refrigeration system, all Magnum ice cream modules are available with the optional “ALL-SEASONS” function allowing conversion from freezer (0- 7°F)(- 14- 18°C) to refrigerator (+36+43°F)(+2+6°C) mode with R.H. 55%-65%. Lighting is by high-luminosity LEDs and front glass panels open on concealed hinges for easy cleaning.