Quick and versatile, the Coffee and Food Kart revolutionises all-in-one bar unit design; compact, convenient and on wheels, for unrivalled practicality. Absolutely up to date, transformist and high-tech, with its aluminium structure, Kart is lightweight and easy to take anywhere it is wanted. ts size, stylish appearance and functionality mean Kart looks good anywhere.

Originally designed to provide refreshments at stations, airports and playgrounds, it is also the ideal bar-corner for prestige buffets.

Features of Kart

Kart adapts to all design schemes: it can also be personalised with custom graphics, in addition to the standard decoration, in line with the latest trends. A supply of running water for the sink is assured by large tanks inside the structure. The sink drains into a recovery tank, with no water supply or drain connections required. 3 Mobile and safe: its caster wheels give Kart agility and mobility, while safety and stability are guaranteed by the parking brake.

Excellent storage of any food. A roomy refrigerator (190lt) with concealed coil and electronic control allows cold storage of products of all types of product at +4°C. Clean and tidy. Handy hopper-bins are essential for collecting the coffee grounds from both conventional and super-automatic machines.