Brera bar concept is inspired by the art of Italy and the Brera district of Milan – the haunt of artists and famous for its fascinating bars and restaurants, all with an elegant yet vintage ambience. The concept includes a full selection of bar modules, bar-back options and display cabinets, all made to Frigomeccanica’s state-of-the-art technical standards. Brera offers exquisite materials and warm woods, with taste and elegance and finished by skilled hands. Furnish your bar with unmistakable Italian style.

Features of Brera

Brera base cabinets have a melamine finished structure with silver grey doors as standard. Counter tops can be stainless steel, dark carbon, or bamboo scratch-proof laminate. The back panel of wall-mounted shelves above the back bar is in anthracite black and can be fitted with an optional mirror kit, which reflects light to the entire room.

Professional Twin display cabinets are available with both low and high glass for ice cream, refrigerated or ambient solutions. Cabinets have a reverse cycle defrost system and high-efficiency LED lighting for maximum energy savings. Alukuadro shelving has a laminate back panel which can be written on with chalk like a black-board or which will accept magnets, creating an unusual signboard that can be altered any time of day. The same optional material can be used on the back panel of the wall-mounted shelf units.

Illuminated opaline glass racks give atmosphere to your room while the optional wood doors convey warmth and elegance. The versatile corner Snack display cabinet can be refrigerated, heated or ambient temperature. Snack’s function varies as your bar’s focus shifts throughout the day – from breakfast to brunch and from aperitifs to after-dinner drinks.

The standard service counter top is in post-formed laminate, with choices specified in the materials chart. On request, the counter-top is available in natural or synthetic marble. The wall-mounted units behind the bar can include a small open-front display cabinet in the same color as the bar counter. The wall-mounted unit above the coffee machine can be fitted with a hood with lighting.

The shelves of the wall-mounted section behind the bar are tempered safety glass in model metro, with adjustable-height brackets, titanium or white color aluminum trim and lighting standard. The Twin series display cases have stainless steel internal structure and can be channeled together. The glass front opens easily for routine cleaning.