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Studio 12 offers you simplicity and rationality, volume and light in an pure concept design for today’s bar: exclusive covering with a durable, seamless surface – soft intersecting geometric lines and reliefs – open wall elements in glossy black laminate with clear plate glass shelves and sunken spotlights.

Features for model concept Studio 12

Studio 12 Living: simplicity and rationality for today’s bar.

The lighted wall panel with white background is also available with optional mirrors. Clear plate glass shelves are height adjustable. Front covers are made of a tactile, smooth surface with soft intersecting geometric lines and reliefs. Low ventilation refrigeration for the corner Snack display cabinets provides a perfect visual display for your products.

Studio 12 Black Box

Black Box offers open wall elements in glossy black laminate with thick clear plate glass shelves and sunken spotlights, linear Snack display cabinets with static (standard) or ventilated refrigeration (optional). Studio 12 offers optional Alukuadro structures, black back-lacquered clear plate glass tops, and dark carbon service counter with scratch-resistant matte finish.

Studio 12 Quick: volume and light in a pure concept design.

Quick provides light fixtures with opaline and Alukuadro diffusers, Snack display cases (ambient, refrigerated, heated or with both functions), a version for Twin professional ventilated ice cream displays in a variety of lengths and heights with tubs or trays for frozen desserts.

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