Tubular aluminum structure combines with sensuous curves, elegant stainless steel and stunning color to create an innovative design concept: Zeronove. A new design for your bar counter, with simple, essential lines forming a cutting-edge modern bar look. The styling creates a furnishing concepts of character and personality, with technology built into every feature with high-tech design. The polished laminate front, the stainless steel lower counter, the sanded aluminum profile and the black back-painted counter-top make up the new bar counter, Zeronove Chromo.

Features of Zeronove

High-tech design: The polished laminate front, stainless steel lower counter, sanded aluminum trim and black back-painted counter top make up the new bar counter: Zeronove. Polished tubular aluminum forms the counter, while design transforms it into a gorgeous accessory. A new design for the bar-back, with mirror or tempered back-painted glass panels, is intersected by two fixed shelves in white methacrylate, with lighting optional, or in clear plate glass.

Zeronove is a flexible bar counter. Designs can be straight or with curved corners depending on your needs. The color, shapes and materials create a sophisticated atmosphere, adding immensely to the prestige of the design scheme. The Alukuadro technology can be used to fill out walls or create virtual partitions, winning back lost space to meet operating needs. The cocktail area fits easily into the scheme with a bottle pocket and steel cork basin available.

Counter tops and doors in satin-finish steel, double glazed glass doors with optional lights, mirror or back-painted glass (black or white) back panels, and shelves in white methacrylate with optional lighting or clear plate glass create the Zeronove back bar. Black colors, steel and light create a modern ambience with genuine class. The design scheme appears simple but delivers through carefully styled details.

Zeronove is a bar counter with every detail carefully designed. It can be combined with any element in our range, and comes together to create a stylish full concept look. Sanded aluminum profiles, polished stainless steel lower counters and black back-painted glass, along with a marble, granite or quartz counter-top on request round out Zeronove’s options.

Alukuadro – the revolution of technology – can be used to create a back bar panel. Injected polyurethane Wall Box refrigerators, painted stands with adjustable feet and fittings for platforms call attention to detail, while optional stainless steel shelves, LED lights and clear glass drawer units with doors give a full range of solutions for your needs.