Trevi embodies this: a style borrowed from the past – an old-fashioned, hand-crafted air, recalling a time when products were genuine, hospitality was sacred, and eating and drinking together was the highlight of the day. Trevi’s design and exquisite finishing are inspired by the past, yet it offers furnishing solutions suited for today, creating a new concept for your café or bar.

An intelligent, versatile system, Trevi responds to the latest trends in artisanal markets and hospitality establishments – bars, coffee shops, bakeries and wine shops offering quality products, with open doors for customers to stop for a rest, light meal, or an early evening drink. Trevi creates a fusion of quality products and the art of hospitality.

Features of Trevi

Trevi creates a romantic, relaxed atmosphere for savoring a perfect cappuccino and delicious pastry, or stopping to relax with a gourmet ice cream. Your bakery shop no longer sells only delicious cakes and bread, but has become a coffee bar and ice cream parlor, for the different seasons and times of day.

Our versatile drop-in options create a roomy, convenient counter for your staff, along with a coordinated showcase for perfect display of your products. Trevi creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere that invites your customers to sit and socialize, and show your customers your passion for your work and desire to offer your customers a truly unique service. Customize your store by tailoring Trevi to your needs: heated and refrigerated display cabinets, wells for home-made ice cream and countless other options combine attractive style with state of the art technology in a single counter.

The perfect combination of design, hand-crafted details and leading edge technology is the ideal blend in a tea room that has many faces: intimate for breakfast or afternoon tea, it becomes an inviting ice-cream parlor for a snack, a place that appeals to adults and children alike. Units and containers are very efficient and capacious: accessories that make work easier and service more dynamic. The use of stainless steel for all bar-back units makes Trevi hard-wearing and durable.

Trevi’s hand-crafted style blends seamlessly into the style of your locale, and conveys products lovingly made to your high standards while bringing to mind the genuine quality of products made the traditional way. Following the latest trends, your bakery is transformed, offering not just bread but also delicious foods to go with it. Cold cuts, cheese and a small hot foods section are housed in specially equipped counters: delicacies to be enjoyed with fine wine, properly stored in the wine cellar-display unit. Trevi combines with Toscana for an ambience with a unique character – a single counter with colors and design of an old-fashioned feel. Trevi creates an atmosphere solid and welcoming, for a store with a strong personality.

Just like the corner shop of bygone days, today’s bakeries offer products in addition to bread, pastries and cookies. With Trevi there dedicated display options for wines, local delicacies and gourmet items thanks to a system that allows space to be personalized as you require. The intelligent layout design divides the room into working areas and customer zones, expanding the potential of a single shop: from retail sales to offering of food and drink on the premises. The beauty of the finishes and variety of colors make every composition special. Let your imagination run free and create your own store, unique in every detail.

Fine details and finishes make Trevi a tailor-made, high-performance furnishing concept. In spite of the beauty of the design, these elements are ruggedly built, intended for everyday use and long life. Your carefully selected, genuine products, beautiful to the eye and palate, deserve to be displayed to in cases which make the most of their appearance and presentation. Trevi is a design concept for the connoisseur. Refrigerated counters are at the ideal temperature for keeping your foods fresh, and features the Polo Squared display cabinet, simply styled to focus attention on the product.

Good taste is a matter of balance: every Trevi design is versatile and meets your needs with style. Whatever the size of the space you have, Trevi provides everything you need for hospitality with success: spacious counters for receiving customers, bistro tables for stopping to chat, large cupboards doubling as a snack top for a quick lunch, and display cabinets on your walls to show the products for sale.