The 703 Bib Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machine possess everything you could want in a customer friendly, top range, latest generation, frozen dessert machine. The electronic system ensures perfect structure, providing instant and accurate consistency control. The 703 Bib’s patented peristaltic pump transfers the ice cream / frozen dessert mix and air from the tank through the compression tube, granting a high increase in volume, high productivity, and easy maintenance. It also allows the user to treat dense mixes.


  • Cleaning Once a Month – Certified procedure to clean the unit without disassembling many of the parts (check local codes)
  • Peristaltic Pump – High efficiency and high increase in volume are assured. The pump is easy to assemble and reduces ingredient consumption; it only works when you need it!
  • Free Dialog System – State-of-the-art solution: The 703 Bib Soft Serve provides real-time support, checks and changes the parameters of the machine, and updates the software automatically.
  • 3x Beater – Top performance both with soft ice cream and frozen dessert production.
  • Spigot – Self closing option
  • Refrigerated Cabinet – The 703 Bib Soft Serve has only a few parts, making it easy to access.