Hangar is a fresh and cured meat, cheese, cooked food, fish and bakery counter; unique in its design and its view of the product, it incorporates technology that ensures superlative performances.

Features of Hangar

Hangar has a fan-assisted refrigeration system with remote or integral condenser unit and can be fitted
with optional ultrasound humidity control to guarantee and improve the conservation of fresh products such as meat, with adaptation to changes in environmental conditions. A simple, natural, inexpensive solution with low running costs.

A vast assortment of finishing materials and colors, for creating an elegant, personalized, unique interior.

Hangar’s transparent structure ensures perfect, well lit, transparent, unobstructed display of the product. Choice quality materials and finishes for a top-of-the-range counter with Frigoconnect 4.0 Control and connectivity system: an app for on-line remote control of the counter, with “push” messaging service and the sending of operating data to a cloud platform. If authorized, it also enables remote assistance by the manufacturer.