Basic is a unique and highly versatile line of refrigerated, heated and ambient snack display cabinets for every type of shop. The distinctive design and tempered and lacquered glass structure, combined with the LED lighting on the shelves, make Basic a great option all of your display needs.

Features of Basic

The shelf support structure for all Basic pastry and bakery display cases is formed from polished AISI 304 stainless steel and the front glass panel can be easily opened for cleaning. The pressed stainless steel display surface with is also highly durable and very easy to clean. Basic modules are equipped with standard sliding rear Plexiglas doors. A version with a refrigerated lower storage compartment is also available.

Available with height H150 (59″) or H120 (47.25″), Basic is fitted with an extra-bright, highly durable LED lighting system. The tall H150 model is built with three shelves of dry display, while the short H120 version has one dry shelf. The static refrigeration system is defrosted by means of an electric heating element with a sensor for ending the defrosting cycle. Heated versions are dry type, and in refrigerated versions the motor may be internal or remote.