With its one-of-a-kind style and a height of 57.9″ (147 cm), Visual is rich and sumptuous display for ice cream and gelato, pasties and prepared foods. Visual is built with three shelves with LED lighting and heated front glass with hydro-lift pistons for upward opening and easy cleaning. It is highly versatile and available in freezer or refrigerator versions with ambient or heated shelves, for ice cream, pastry and bakery or chocolate. Heated and ambient internal surfaces are also available on request.

Features of Visual

The considerable height and large-radius curved glass panels give an excellent visual display of your products from both short and medium distances. The LED lighting on the shelves reduces heat emission and ensures products are constantly well lit. The side of the Visual cabinet can be customized with a lacquered or stainless steel insert. Along with Visual pastry and bakery showcases, Visual is available in an ice cream and gelato display which is also available with the optional “ALL-SEASONS” function allowing conversion from freezer (0- 7°F)(- 14- 18°C) to refrigerator (+36+43°F)(+2+6°C) mode with R.H. 55%-65%. This allows you to convert from ice cream to additional pastry and bakery display with the change in seasons. All Visual modules and versions can be channeled together and supplied with customized finishes and styling.