Our Process: From New Jersey to California

Understanding Process Matters

Outfitting a store is a lot like prepping for a wedding. For instance, a tremendous amount of planning and preparation is involved. Another similarity is that some things must happen before others can. And ultimately, how well you’ve chosen your vendors can determine your success. That’s why FM Display Concepts process accounts for each stage of your project. We use our project management experience to connect the dots for you, from coast to coast in the U.S.

We Specialize in

A major part of our process is building professional trust. Image of construction machines erecting the word "trust".
FMDC will work to earn your trust.

Building a Relationship

The beginning of the relationship starts with what works best for you. We can communicate via Email, Phone, Video Conference, or meet face to face to discuss the project parameters. Do you want a single display case or an entire store? We can layout the work counter or backbar to minimize foot count for the operator to optimize efficiency. Or perhaps you know which products you want to sell, but are unsure of the best display method? We are here to guide you through your questions to help create the best visual of your products and market them successfully.

Discerning What Matters Most To You

  • Project Parameters
  • Style
  • Scope, including delivery and install
  • What we offer
  • Time Frame
  • Your Concerns

We’ll ask the necessary questions to help you bring your vision to life!

Information Gathering Process

Information gathering process graphic image of four stick figures of different primary and secondary colors, with puzzle pieces shaped like "talk balloons" in comic strips.

Getting to the Core of Your Priorities

To help you decide FM Display Concepts is the vendor who can realize your vision, our real work begins. A map of the space (CAD or DWG file) gives us the exact dimensions. We work closely with you to find the pieces that suit your needs and style. We’ll also conduct a Troubleshoot Assessment to identify any potential installation issues. Then, in close consultation with you and your design team of architects and contractors (onsite meetings when required) we’ll create a full color rendering of your space. You’ll have as clear a picture as possible of how your new store will look to help you make the most informed decisions.

A sample floor plan.
Your vision starts as a floor plan with input from your contracting team.
A sample 3 dimensional drawing.
After the floor plan is confirmed, 3 dimensional drawings like this one help you better visual your space.
Graphic rendering of Martha Stewart's Café, front view.
FM Display Concepts can also provide a full color rendering of your future store.
Graphic rendering of Martha Stewart's Café, 45 degree angle view.
Renderings are available from multiple angles to give you as much information to make your final decisions.
Graphic rendering of a macaroon store with bright pink panels on the display cases.
When going with a bold color choice, it’s wise to see it applied before purchase.
Our CAD program generates 2-D and 3-D visuals at multiple angles.

We’re happy to work with you to help you find your look. To return to the wedding analogy, the size of the budget determines the size of the event. Have a strict budget? We’re experienced in optimizing resources without sacrificing visually. Prefer to start with aesthetics and then work out the economics? We’ll provide you a quote once you’re ready to move forward. Should you opt to finance, we have relationships with leasing companies that readily work with businesses that have been open for at least two years.

The Process of Bringing Concepts to Life

MEP drawings like this map out the project’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbling connections.
Projects are fabricated at Frigomeccanica’s factory in Teramo, Italy.

After a very deliberate and detailed information verification process, you’ll approve the final rendering, finishes, and color choices. Once we receive a deposit, we place your order with Frigomeccanica’s Italian headquarters. On average, there is an eight to ten (8 -10) week window from order until arrival in our New Jersey warehouse. During this period, we review the project with your tradespeople and generate an MEP drawing with all electrical and plumbing connections within our scope of the project to confirm any onsite preparations needed before delivery.

Letting Us Set You Apart

Among newly uncrated display cases, wall cases, and shelving, FMDC partner Michael Flaherty reviews the process of a nearly completed bakery installation.
A large project like this 2019 installation in Medford, MA typically takes up to three days. Most projects take just one.

Once your equipment is state-side, It is inspected and tested in our warehouse. Then, depending on your preference, it is shipped or prepped for FMDC installation. Although each project presents its own challenges, installations on the average take one day, with larger jobs lasting longer.

One of the things that distinguishes FMDC from other companies is that at least one of the partners, Adam Mucci and Michael Flaherty, make themselves available for every installation. They bring their decades of experience to meet unexpected challenges that each project presents, with a direct line to the Frigomeccanica designers to answer any questions that arise. Our entire team works with a proprietary pride to ensure your new store looks amazing. They even take their own pictures to show people later the store they helped build.

FMDC Will Be There For You

Keys to a successful process start at the top. Partners Adam Mucci and Mike Flaherty with Frigomeccanica's Export Manager, Massimo Natalini smile for a group photo in the factory in Italy.
FMDC partners Adam Mucci (L) and Michael Flaherty (R), with Frigomeccanica’s Export Manager, Massimo Natalini (Center) are keys to making the process successful.

A Better Way of Doing Business

When the job is installed, some companies will disappear. FMDC will answer your calls. We know a good referral is the ultimate reward for developing strong relationships, and that’s what we strive for. We apply our motto, “Let Us Set You Apart” to each new project. We’ve built distribution relationships with some of the most innovative and distinctive manufacturers on the planet to build an inventory unlike our contemporaries. Just so we can, in turn, offer you the chance to distinguish yourself from the competition. Setting yourself apart allows you a greater profit margin – for the same products!

At FMDC, our process allows us to help people make their business dreams a successful reality. We look forward to getting the chance to work with you!

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