Cream is obtained by skimming the fat from milk and is used to produce butter, mascarpone, cheese, etc. Gelato makers and pastry chefs make use of cream as an essential ingredient of gelato mixes, cakes and other products. Cream is most frequently used as whipped cream i.e. having its volume doubled or tripled due to the air trapped in it. Unmissable for coffee, chocolate, ice-cream cones decoration as it highlights recipes and creations of gelato makers, pastry chefs, barmen and restaurateurs.

Different kinds of cream with a different fat content obtained from a variety of processing methods are available on the market. The fat content of cream whipped by a whipped cream machine normally ranges from 26% to 42%. Cream whipped machines have to whip any kind of cream offered on the market such as fresh cream, UHT cream, cream with or without additives, plant cream, cream with or without sugar and all over the world. The good quality of a cream whipped machine is shown by this ability as well as by a solid and dry cream produced to be used on cones, cups or as decoration. A soft, creamy and savoury cream is produced by a high-quality cream whipped machine.

Valmar presents Creamy, its new range of cream whipped machines specifically designed to whip any kind of cream and to meet the requests of gelato makers, pastry chefs, restaurateurs, barmen, etc.


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